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Ancient Stone Carving Art in Handan

Publication time:【2017/8/7 11:21:44】 Browse num:1365

The art of stone carving is a resplendent cultural and artistic heritage in China. The stone carving art in Handan originated early. Back in the early Neolithic age, the Cishan ancestors created primitive stone carving art on millstones and millstone bars, which inaugurated the prelude of the development of stone carving in Handan. In Eastern Wei and Northern Qi, Yecheng (or Ye city), the present-day Linzhang, Hebei, became a Buddhist center in North China. Apart from the carvings in the grottos in Xiangtang Mountain, many independent stone statues of Northern Dynasties were excavated. The Buddhism statues in Yecheng established a “Northern Qi’s style” and had great influences on the statues made by later generations in Sui and Tang period. This exhibition centralizes the independent statues unearthed in Handan in recent years. The most beautiful ones include the white marble statue from Yecheng and the statue made of red sandstone in Tang dynasty. In addition, the exhibition shows grotto images in Handan with pictures.