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A Square and Round World-Display of Coins in Different Dynasties of China

Publication time:【2017/8/23 8:50:36】 Browse num:1476

Currency is a special commodity acts as a general equivalent, the early ancient currency was made of shells, after the Shang and Zhou Dynasty, metal coins got popular, paper money began to appear in the Song Dynasty and continues till toady. Significance of currency is not limited to economy, its weight and thickness also represents the profit and loss of the treasury; the circulation time and geographical range of a currency reflects the degree of political stability of a dynasty. Coins contain rich cultural connotations, calligraphy on coins is beautiful, folkways reflected on coins are humorous and colorful, coinage craft is intricate and reflects the wonderful artificial excelling nature of the working people. In Chinese history, Kingdom Zhao during the Warring States, Kingdom Northern Qi during the Easter Wei Dynasty and the Regime Daqi during the Song Dynasty all established their capital in Handan, meanwhile, Handan is the center of the revolutionary base area of Shanxi-Hebei-Henan-Shandong. Daobu, Wuzhu, Tongbao and many other precious coins were all casted and published here. Handan is also one of the birthplaces of Renminbi, the legal coin of the People’s Republic of China.